The Home PlanetThe Home Planet
The Home PlanetThe Home Planet
The Home PlanetThe Home Planet
The Home PlanetThe Home Planet
"A photographic psalm book... a religious text without a sermon"
- Ray Bradbury,
The New York Times
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.. one of my favorite books, The Home Planet, a dazzling collection of photographs..
- Diane Ackerman
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"An elegant compilation (in which) cosmonauts and astronauts express the transcendental experience of seeing how life has invested our planet with a luminous beauty"
- Time magazine
"Staggeringly beautiful"
- New York Magazine
"Vivid and unforgettable"
- San Francisco Chronicle
"A beautiful glimpse of the 'Blue Marble' of space. When I purchased this book about ten years ago I decided I wanted to be 'buried' in space"
- Reader from Denver, Colorado
"One of the most fantastic records of Earth's beauty"
- Reader from South Africa
The Home Planet
Published in '88, "The Home Planet" is a highly acclaimed and international best-selling book. It conveys the grandeur of Earth and the mystery of space through 150 stunning photographs, many never before published, selected from the entire Soviet and American archives. The accompanying narrative, at once poetic, deeply personal, often funny, often spiritual, is woven from interviews and articles and air-to-ground transmissions of space explorers, and follows the loose chronology of a space mission: going up, space walk, going to the moon, observations, space stations, and reflections. Together images and text portray, as no previous book has, the bond between Earth, its inhabitants and the connection among the many people who share our planet.

The Home Planet has been widely merchandised. Products include: calendars (Special Edition Sierra Club Home Planet Calendars- 1991/1993), postcards and booklets (Special Sierra Club Home Planet Post Card Collection Booklet), clothing (T-shirts by wildwood), posters (Graphique De France and Bruce McGaw Graphics) and CD ROM to be released in USA this fall.

Kevin says: "The Home Planet" emerged from an interest in time and space and also some direct experiences I had in discovering our sacred space within nature. These led to the discovery that meditating on and visualizing the Earth from the perspective of space evoked a deep transcendental experience and a sense of hope. The Home Planet was my endeavor to share and evoke that religious experience with others and also to move the perspective of the Earth in space into a more regular context for our lives.

This all took place in the middle of the Cold War and was a project which I was in no way qualified for it certainly wasn't easy, but the results were worth the effort. Please enjoy'
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