The Home Galaxy Projects
Carefully selected from millions of images, this gallery presents an exclusive selection of the most beautiful and inspirational images of Earth and Space.
Co-Published in 1988 by: Addision-Wesley, USA and MIR, USSR

The Home Planet was Kevin's New York Times best seller coffee table book of the most beautiful photos of the Earth from space accompanied by inspirational quotations from Astronauts and Cosmonauts with an introduction by Jacques Cousteau.

Published in 1991 By Chronicle Books, USA

Embracing Earth, Chronicles lead book for the year, emphasized the interaction and interdependence of all the Earth's components---land, water, ice, air, and life---and our need to take a holistic approach to our planet.

Kevin's current work-in-progress

Using cutting edge visualization technology and science, Infinitaas™ presents a deeply inspirational and stunningly beautiful visual narrative of our evolutionary journey through 14 Billion years of Time, Space and evolution. Its aim is to change fundamentally and forever the way we see and understand ourselves within creation.
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