The earth rises over the moon as seen from Apolo 11
Earth rise
Thunderstorms over ocean
Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal in winter
Arabian Coastline
Arabian Coast
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Deluxe Tapestries
Bring the mystery of the universe to life with the time-honored medium of Tapestry using an innovative computerized method that translates the minute details perfectly.
Jacquard tapestry
103 x 79 in.
The earth rises over the moon as seen from Apolo 11
We are pleased to offer deluxe, one-off tapestries of exceptional beauty and quality. They are manufactured by a small family-owned firm in Belgium, the historic center of European tapestry production. Through modern digital process, our imagery is incorporated into the traditional production method and thus the luminosity and subtle gradations of color in the photograph are transferred by thread and weave into the actual structure of the fabric. Viewing the tapestries up close one takes in individual loops, traces and swaths of color and texture. Viewed at a distance the grandeur of the image on the large scale mirrors the celestial magnitude of the subject. You will find that our tapestries exude a tactile warmth and intimacy that engage the senses and evoke emotion. The Home Galaxy Tapestry provides distinctive tone and ambience taking photography into another realm, and adorning your home or office with enduring beauty and grace.

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